Where browsing meets editing.
Say goodbye to your clunky back end. Simply hover, click, and change your content while you browse.
Manage and edit your custom website.
Edit text while
you browse.
Editing your text is quick and easy within the Matchstick Framework. You simply click, highlight, type, and save. We've taken the headache out of making text changes to your website - making things extremely simple and straightforward. What's better than editing while you browse?
Edit images while
you browse.
Just like with text, changing images is a piece of cake. Click on an image you'd like to change and Matchstick Framework will give you some helpful hints to ensure your image will be crisp and beautiful on your site. Once you've selected your new image, it will show up instantly on the page.
Easily adjust page &
product settings.
We don't like wasting time and we're pretty sure you don't either. That's why the Matchstick Framework allows you to adjust all page settings directly on each page. This should free your day up to focus on your business.
Quickly add new
posts, pages, and
How would you feel if you could add new pages, posts and products to your custom site with only a single click? We're going to go out on a limb here and guess you would feel pretty darn good.
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