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The Matchstick Framework is our content management system (CMS) that allows you to manage and edit your own custom website in a snap.

Hand-coded from scratch, the Framework has been years in the making. It continues to evolve even as we speak, ensuring our websites are always up to the current standards of speed, search, and security. That means better rankings, increased trust, and more business through your digital door.


Need an affordable custom website? Meet Modular Orange. This is quite possibly the best option you'll find.  

Modular Orange is a website development tool that allows you to work with a designer to make sure your site looks professional, then gives you the freedom to add text, images, new pages, and posts with simple drag & drop features.

Wow Factors

Modular Orange is 50% faster than WordPress. It includes a free SSL certificate for enhanced security. It's fully responsive for all devices. And the price starts as low as $95/month.
The Modular Orange website on an iPhone
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linkjam screenshot with buffington homes
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Need a single link to share multiple pieces of digital content - like on your Instagram bio? That's why we created LinkJam. We weren't satisfied with other linking services, so we created our own that's fully customizable.

LinkJam lets you add as many links as you'd like to one simple page. Not only that, it's easily updated and managed. So, the links on your list can change at any time while your URL stays the same. It's a great tool for not only social media but also printed pieces that have a long shelf life. 

All Matchstick Studio clients get a LinkJam account, and we've recently made it available for anyone to use. Hit us up if you're interested!

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