Jordan Carmon Jordan Carmon   |   06.23.20   |  
Jordan Carmon Jordan Carmon   |   06.23.20   |  

Episode 18 - Internet Scams

Jordan discusses one of the most common practices in our industry. We aren't talking about the Nigerian Prince internet scams but the more predatory scams that REAL BUSINESSES are behind.

We've all received an email someone that has no idea about your business and falsely promises results. The "If you purchase our service you will increase in sales by 1000%!" or the "We can help you rank #1 in SEO in 5 days using our service!". The first question that always pops up in our mind is how?

Listen in to hear Jordan's take on these predatory practices that are becoming more common in our industry.

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Jordan Carmon
Jordan Carmon: Jordan is the Co-Founder & Digital Director of Matchstick Studio and has over 15 years of experience creating digital solutions for the world's top companies. His technical knowledge and business focused vision is key to providing smart solutions for businesses of any size.