Jordan Carmon Jordan Carmon   |   12.08.20   |  
Jordan Carmon Jordan Carmon   |   12.08.20   |  

Episode 27 - Complacency

Complacency is a challenge in all areas of life. It's easy to fall into its traps with the way this year has been. This should be something that you as a human, partner, employee, or business owner should fear.  How do you recognize being complacent and overcome its grasps? 

"Success today, does not mean you will find success tomorrow." - Jordan Carmon

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Jordan Carmon
Jordan Carmon: Jordan is the Co-Founder & Digital Director of Matchstick Studio and has over 15 years of experience creating digital solutions for the world's top companies. His technical knowledge and business focused vision is key to providing smart solutions for businesses of any size.