Chris Green Chris Green   |   12.08.20   |  
Chris Green Chris Green   |   12.08.20   |  

Episode 27 - Complacency

Complacency is a challenge in all areas of life. It's easy to fall into its traps with the way this year has been. This should be something that you as a human, partner, employee, or business owner should fear.  How do you recognize being complacent and overcome its grasps? 

"Success today, does not mean you will find success tomorrow." - Jordan Carmon

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Chris Green
Chris Green: Chris Green is a Project Manager who works with all of our clients to keep their projects on track. Chris has multiple years of experience working with large corporations or small business owners to assist in defining a clear scope of work and driving their project to completion while meeting their expectations. Outside of work Chris enjoys hanging out with friends, cold beer, fishing, and playing video games.