Jordan Carmon Jordan Carmon   |   12.19.18   |   1.5 min read
Jordan Carmon Jordan Carmon   |   12.19.18   |   1.5 min read

New Launch: Advanced Orthopaedic Specialists

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Advanced Orthopaedic Specialists are the premier sports medicine providers in Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas. They are also the official orthopaedic and sports medicine provider for the Arkansas Razorbacks. They're the folks keeping top athletes, weekend warriors, and everyone in between moving and healthy.

Just like most of our clients, AOS's digital presence and content was feeling dated and sluggish. They were using an obsolete Wordpress template that didn't behave very well on many devices and was difficult to maintain and keep updated. We worked directly with their team to create a fully custom and responsive web design that is completely unique to their company. We also developed the site within our Matchstick Framework to make editing content a breeze while keeping it lightweight and blazing fast. In addition, we worked to create new and fresh content, driven by keywords to aid with search engine optimization.

Part of the process of creating a new web presence for AOS was updating the imagery to make the site feel vibrant and alive. Their old site only contained a handful of stock images that fell flat and didn't represent their practice very well. We went in and took all new photography of all the doctors and sourced Razorback photos from the University of Arkansas which we applied a duotone effect to for more bold and striking images.

Check out some of the designs below by swiping through them.


advanced orthopaedic specialists desktop 1
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advanced orthopaedic specialists desktop 4
advanced orthopaedic specialists desktop 5
advanced orthopaedic specialists desktop 6


advanced orthopaedic specialists mobile 1
advanced orthopaedic specialists mobile 2
advanced orthopaedic specialists mobile 3
advanced orthopaedic specialists mobile 4
advanced orthopaedic specialists mobile 5
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We're excited to share this new fully custom web presence for Advanced Orthopaedic Specialists. If you're looking to up your web game, please reach out to us. We're looking forward to bringing more businesses into our digital family!
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