Jordan Carmon Jordan Carmon   |   10.31.16   |   1 min read
Jordan Carmon Jordan Carmon   |   10.31.16   |   1 min read

New Launch: Say It With Beef

say it with beef desktop homepage screen
We've been fortunate to work with what is probably one of the most unique products you'll hear about. Say It With Beef is a tasty alternative to flower and card giving that will leave anyone's mouth watering. Born out of a kind gesture to a sick friend, Say It With Beef started with a handmade bouquet of roses made entirely out of beef jerky. Today, you can get roses and daisies in a variety of flavors still handmade and still 100% beef jerky.
say it with beef desktop screens

Design Direction

Beef jerky is arguably edgier than flowers, so we needed a site that was edgier than most. Combined with incredible product shots by our pals at Hatch & Maas we were able to create colors and textures that make the products pop. We also wanted to convey the handmade nature of the products, but in a clean and concise way. Finding the balance of ideas is key.
say it with beef photographysay it with beef logos and branding elements
The next time you have a gift to give, ditch the flowers or cards and Say It With Beef instead!
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