Jordan Carmon Jordan Carmon   |   03.14.18   |   1.5 min read
Jordan Carmon Jordan Carmon   |   03.14.18   |   1.5 min read

New Launch: Tony Pasquale - National Voice Talent

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"Hey, I know that guy!" That's what people say when they hear Tony Pasquale's work. Tony is a national voice talent that has worked with all the top brands and agencies, and we guarantee that, unless you live under a rock, you've heard his voice before. Needing an upgrade to his brand and some custom web design that Weebly couldn't offer, Tony reached out after having seen some of our past work. We've been lucky to get to work with some great clients, and Tony is no exception. His authentic personality and fun attitude is what sets him apart in his industry and it's no wonder people love working with him.

Fresh Identity

Tony needed an updated design identity that was more modern and would fit well with his personality. It had to be professional and fun at the same time. A design identity isn't just about a logo either, it's also colors, custom created type & supporting typefaces, imagery, and guidelines. Through our process, we developed many different unique identity designs and worked with Tony to choose a top three. From there we tested the designs and gathered outside opinions and impressions which ultimately led to the final choice.
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Modern Web

As mentioned, Tony's old web experience was created with Weebly, which is a do it yourself tool. This wasn't really allowing him to achieve what he was wanting. It was lacking uniqueness and a lot of the backend code that is necessary in a modern web environment. He also had some special requests with how his audio demo reels and videos were displayed, including the ability to download and share. We were able to meet his unique needs and provide a method of support that will help him grow his brand.
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Check out Tony's site at and take a listen to some of his demo reels. Soon you too will be saying "Hey, I know that guy!"
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