Rogers Public School is committed to providing an environment of educational excellence where all belong, all learn and all succeed. Part of this commitment includes offering a robust Career & Technical Education (CTE) program. Formerly named Twenty-First Century Programs, it was time for a complete refresh that would excite students and inspire support from the community. Matchstick was asked to develop a new name, design a logo and overall look and feel, and create various communications pieces for this important and robust program at Rogers Public Schools. 


Logo Design
Graphic Design

Print Advertising
Online Banner Ads


After a few rounds of brainstorm sessions and research conducted with local students, the name Launch was chosen. "Launch" is a powerful word that's not only loaded with positive connotations but also easy to remember and understand. This was an important factor given that students could be anywhere between 5 and 18 years old. The name Launch also effectively defines the CTE program as one that offers unlimited opportunities for students to set their future in motion.
With that said, we wanted to create a logo that immediately and clearly communicated the name and all that it represents. The most obvious choice was to incorporate a rocket. To create a parallel with education, we designed a highly stylized rocket that also resembles an abstract book that's turned on its side. The spine of the book is pointing up, indicating the growth and trajectory that comes through education.

COLOR palette

It was essential for the Launch colors to complement Rogers Public Schools. These two entities are displayed next to each other in many situations, so the specific red and blue hues that are iconic to Rogers Public School were used as base colors. Additional colors were thoughtfully added to the overall palette to give it more depth. We chose bright colors that would not only appeal to students of all ages but also help give an energetic and modern feeling to the program. We also took into consideration other school districts in the area and stayed away from adding colors that would potentially compete with our message.

intentional ICONography

K-12 education should be an opportunity for students to explore what ignites their hearts and minds and eventually lead them toward a successful career. With this in mind, Launch offers more than 30 CTE programs that equip students with various academic, technical, and career-ready skills. This number is surprising to many, so we decided to visually represent the variety of educational programs using a set of icons. All of the icons were designed to be easily identifiable and simple enough to add more as new programs are added.

Marketing & Collateral

The Launch program has multiple stakeholders. In addition to communicating with students and parents of the Rogers school system, it's critical to have the support of local businesses and organizations. So, all of the marketing and collateral materials were designed to extend beyond the school walls.
This included the creation of billboards, print ads, tees, and a full stationery system, just to name a few. All of these pieces we designed to incorporate the same bold colors combined with a series of icons and student photographs to further illustrate the types of careers that are part of the Launch program at Rogers Public Schools.

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