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Zephyr Foods is a company committed to great-tasting, high-integrity food. Their first product, 1 Source Ground Beef, is traceable to a single Black Angus steer that was raised on an American family farm. We have the privilege of working with Zephyr Foods and providing all of their design and development services.


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Web Presence

Zephyr Foods' web presence is a fully responsive hub for all of its products, mission, and information. Built on our Matchstick Framework, the web experience provides superior security, marketing features, speed, and uptime. We also designed the front end to reflect the products and values that Zephyr Foods is bringing to market.

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Desktop Web Experience
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Desktop Web Experience
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Animated Explainer Video

1 Source Ground Beef is a uniquely traceable product that is vastly superior to most commercial ground beef sold in stores today. However, most consumers assume the ground beef they already buy is the best they can get it. To inspire consumer action and educate the customer, we worked with the Zephyr Foods team to create an animated explainer video that highlights the key features and quality of 1 Source Ground Beef.
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Food Photography

Having fresh, custom photography that is appealing and authentic is important to the Zephyr Foods brand. We aim to provide photography that portrays the all-natural and quality ingredients that Zephyr Foods brings to the table.

Big Sexy Food Partnership

Zephyr Foods partnered with Big Sexy Food to supply 1 Source Ground Beef at all of their food truck and physical locations. The partnership combined the best-tasting ground beef in the world with the well-known culinary skills of owner and chef Brent Hale. We were tasked with creating signage, coasters, flags, and other promotional materials to support the partnership.

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