New Launch: Say It With Beef
We've been fortunate to work with what is probably one of the most unique products you'll hear about. Say It With Beef is a tasty alternative to flower and card giving that will leave anyone's mouth watering. Born out of a kind gesture to a sick friend, Say It With Beef started with a handmade bouquet of roses made ...
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New Launch: Deerboy
"I'm not a cowboy, I'm a Deerboy." Those were some of the first words we heard when approached by the Deerboy team to describe their products and vision of their new lifestyle brand. Deerboy isn't just about hunting deer, it's a year long obsession and love for the outdoors. Whether you're sitting in a tree stand in November, plan...
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If You're Not Using SVGs, You're Doing It Wrong.
That's a strong statement, but one we strongly believe in. There are simply very few cases where using PNG or JPG files for your logos, icons, and graphics are still preferable. Over and over again we run into new websites that look absolutely terrible on new retina, 4k, and 5k monitors. Logos, icons, and graphics are incredibly blurry - simply because the team that built the website is stuck i...
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New Launch: Hatch & Maas Collective
Everyone in Northwest Arkansas knows who Hatch & Maas Collective is. If you don't, you're missing out on some of the best photography in the world. Their lifestyle-oriented photography is perfect for any occasion. Whether you're needing beautiful wedding photos, slick senior portraits, or stunning com...
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New Launch: Dozier Capital Partners
We recently completed the branding, design, development, and launch for Dozier Capital Partners. Dozier Capital is a group that invests in companies across multiple stages, structures, asset classes, and industries. They are based right here in Northwest Arkansas providing the guidance and investment capital...
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All About Turn Left Skatepro
The sport of roller derby has been on a major comeback over the last several years. It's been modernized and legitimized to the point where you can pick up some games on ESPN. Needless to say, there is a vast growing market for roller derby and roller derby gear and apparel. While there are several shops arou...
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Weekly Favorite: Twenty-Two Degrees

Once a week we pick a website that we either love or hate. We break it down and explain what's working and what's not. This week it's Twenty-Two Degrees.

Who are they?

Twenty-Two Degrees describes themselves like this:


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New Launch: Buffington Homes of Arkansas
We are very excited to announce the brand new website for Buffington Homes of Arkansas! Buffington Homes builds high quality, modern homes all across Northwest Arkansas and they needed a website design that reflected that. In addition to making sure that we provided a quality experience across all s...
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New Launch: East Texas Brick Admin System
We recently teamed up with CUE Creative, a great agency out of Tyler, TX, to provide a simple way for their client East Texas Brick to manage and maintain their various product offerings such as bricks, furniture, fireplaces, etc. Our aim was ...
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Why We Created The Matchstick Framework
The year is now 2016. We have electric cars, drones that can drop your purchases on your front lawn, even reusable rockets. Yet most websites and online stores are running on platforms and technology that are 10+ years old. If you've been ...
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This Week in Review - It's A Shape Christmas

Once a week here at Matchstick Studio we pick a website that we found to be particularly remarkable for one reason or another. We break it down and explain what's working and what's not. This week we are taking a look at It's a Shape Christmas.

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How do I get my startup featured on Mashable or TechCrunch?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked. People always want to know how we got The Matboard (one of our internal projects) featured on Mashable, what the process was like and how much it helped our growth. We've decided to share our experience, and hope to see your startup or side-project on the front page of the internet very s...

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